All employers must maintain records of their drivers, including a driver qualification file (DQF). Your DQFs keep drivers’ information in one place, and they ensure your company always stays compliant. In addition to safety, the financial implications are a major reason why you should always keep accurate, detailed driver records.

Managing a fleet, whether it’s 5 trucks or 50, requires constant vigilance. To protect your business, ELDs and DQ profiles should be routinely monitored and updated according to FMCSA guidelines.

Driver Files

Under the Code of Federal Regulations, 49 CFR 391, all trucking authorities must maintain detailed records of their drivers. These include a copy of their employment application, a copy of their road test, a copy of their license, and their motor vehicle records.

If a driver earned their CDL after February 7, 2022, they should provide proof of entry-level driver training (ELDT). A letter from their school or certificate of completion will suffice.

If a driver has a past commercial driving history, the new company must submit an inquiry for safety records from their previous employers within the last three years.

You must also ask the potential employee if they have ever tested positive for drugs and alcohol or refused to submit to a screening in the past three years. If they admit they have tested positive or previously refused to test, then they must complete return-to-duty testing before they can get behind the wheel.

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